Areas We Serve

State Licenses Issued by:
NC Commission of Banks #L-153764
SC Board of Financial Institutions #MLS 849168
VA State Corporation Commission #MC-5622


Fidelity Capital Mortgage Company (FCMC) is an independent Mortgage Lender dedicated to providing our customers with superior service. Our mortgage professionals are committed to making sure each client understands their financing options, and gets the loan that best meets their needs.

Located in Richmond, VA, we provide mortgage loans in 3 states:


North Carolina

South Carolina

about-imgAs a lender, we use our own money to fund your loan. You can trust us to have your best interests in mind. At FCMC we believe excellent service is achieved through ethical conduct, communication, initiative and teamwork. Your loan is our loan.
Offering Conventional, FHA, VA and USDA loans, purchase or refinance, we aim to provide you with competitive rates and loan costs. We also provide construction loan financing to customers who build with one of our approved builders.

Our Commitment To You

The mortgage industry is ever changing and can be daunting to borrowers. Our goal is to make the loan process easy to understand and as smooth as possible. Most importantly, we’re here for you  throughout the entire process.

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